28 August 2009

Has it Been 4 years?

It is hard to believe, but in 3 short weeks my baby girl will be turning 4! Where did the time go little Katherine? Wasn't it just yesterday we were bringing you home from the hospital?

Still one of my favorite pictures - picking the giant peonies in our old back yard.And your first steps, on your 1st birthday!

So what will we do for a girl who's turning 4? A princess party of course! Here are the fun invitations I got from annamadeart:

Some artsy fun with sidewalk paint sets from SidewalkSensations for your guests:

And can't forget the goodies, these cookies look delicious (and pretty sure they will be as I've sampled others from sugarandflour):

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  1. Such sweet pictures! Looks like it'll be a great party!