05 September 2010

From Summer to Fall

Wow. Labor Day is upon us. For our family it means a start of a new school year - my baby girl is starting Kindergarten (how did that happen!?!) on Tuesday. It also signals that fall is on the way, football season (yay) and also time to get ready for the pre-holiday show rush.

We went from 90-some degrees earlier in the week to a crisp 65 today. What a change. I love summer time and the warm weather, but I simply LOVE the fall. During the summer I have a hard time getting motivated to cook - who wants to turn on an oven when you already feel like you are baking in the air? Leaves us in a bit of a crunch as I hate to eat anything that comes from a box, and detest fast food! (Okay, so pizza doesn't count as fast food, just for the record.) The cool weather has ushered in a cooking frenzy in our house. Friday night we had lasagna for dinner. Last night we had chicken and dumplings for dinner, followed by hot, fresh apple crisp for dessert. Yum! I find myself getting excited whenever I drive past the apple orchards on the way home - I can see the ripening fruit covering the trees, just waiting to be picked! Can't wait.

The Mom N Mia Quilts sewing studio has been going full steam - really, I haven't had much of a break this year at all, other than a few stolen weekends for family trips. No complaints.
This past week, I made over 100 reversible car seat strap cover sets - about 2/3 of those are for wholesale orders, but there was a rush on them in my Etsy shop as well.

Lots of wholesale orders to fill - proud to say that I am now supplying over 15 lovely boutiques across the U.S., as well as shops in Australia, Malaysia, Ireland, Switzerland, Canada and Brazil.

17 March 2010

Easter's On Its Way

And this little cutie is all set with new Creative Kids Art Bucket -

03 February 2010

Child Style Magazine - Owl Spotting!

I am honored to be included in the Winter 2010 issue of Child Style Magazine!

My On A Whim Owls in Pistachio Burp Cloth Set is part of a 2-page spread featuring oodles of adorbale handmade owls and other treats from Etsy creators!

26 January 2010

Wrap It Up!

If you're looking for a fun, versatile gift for kids, check out our Wrap It Up Crayon Rolls (TM)!

I love making these because no 2 are ever the same. (Similar perhaps, but not the same)

My 2 and 4 year old take them everywhere. I especially love that I can fit them so easily in my purse or their bags. I also feel much better having them bring their own crayons than using some of the ones you get at restaurants (not the packaged ones, I mean the ones where you get a handful or cup of grubby crayons . . .yuck!).

Each Wrap It Up Crayon Roll comes with 10 Crayola crayons, but you can fit 20 or more in each Roll. Watch for more fun designs!

07 January 2010

Who Loves Sock Monkeys

Do You Love Sock Monkeys, like I Love Sock Monkeys? I can't say I'm a huge fan of the old fashioned ones - they are really a bit scary . . .

But I love CUTE sock monkeys, especially the dozen or more adorable monkeys who live at our house (made by sweet Dulce at The Monkey Shop), like these ones:

You know you want some for yourself! Admit it.

Today I got a commission to make a custom twin bedding set featuring Sock Monkeys - just a simple quilt and a bed skirt, but I'm looking forward to working on it.

Fabrics ordered and jetting their way to MI soon...

Happy New Year!

*Breathing a sigh of relief that the 2009 holiday (crazy rush) season is over!* Not that I was in a rush to end the year in general, but the months from August to December are all a blur. Thank you to my wonderful customers who made 2009 such an absolutely fabulous year!!
2010 is already off to a busy start - lots of projects underway. I spent time organizing our laundry room last weekend (which had become little more than a dumping ground for fabric) - sorry, no pictures. You can actually see the floor, the counter, and MAN - I forgot how big that room really is!

This year I plan to tackle lots of UFOs (un-finished objects) that are currently taking up 2 entire bins in my craft room. I have lots of pretty new quilts planned, including at least one or two using the new line of Nicey Jane fabrics from Heather Bailey. (Love love love these fabrics!)

Here are some of the new Wrap It Up Crayon Rolls that I can't seem to make fast enough for my shop - lots more to come as soon as I get a semi-decent day for taking pictures: