15 May 2009

Oh, Friday! and wonderful deliveries

Hurray for Friday!  What would have been a long day at work ended up being a long morning and a work day cut short by a call from daycare to pick up Max who was not feeling well.  Mysterious symptoms: extremely sleepy and fussy, refusing to eat, but no temp.  Wrapped up work project to go get him and take him home, only to spend the remainder of the afternoon with a wild monkey on my hands . . . certainly doesn't ACT sick!  (But I'm not complaining - dealing with sick kids is not how I want to spend the weekend.)

On to the "wonderful deliveries" part - The mail held a fun package today with 2 pairs of kidlet size ninja pants we ordered from delainie.  If you are looking for some super comfy, cute and fun pants, you should check these out and get yourself a pair (or 2 or more . . . there are 7 days in a week after all and you need one for every day):  

 "oooh comfy" said Katie!

1 comment:

  1. Aww I'm so glad your kidlet likes her Ninja Pants! Everyone should be comfy at any age! :)
    Thanks for the blog shout-out!